"This bag keeps your beauty products in 

top-notch shape by keeping them in a temperature-controlled environment.  Pretty cool, right?"

"Our favorite new accessories that are perfect for any kind of trip." 


"Consumers today are investing in $10 to $500 worth of products, and no one wants their investments to go down the drain."

"I'm all about "fresh" innovations like Livana's temperature-controlled cosmetic cases that keep my beauty stash bacteria-free."


"The protective bags not only resemble designer products but help cosmetics from being ruined and wasted." 

"The HydraGlow water bottle combines a luxe design and SilkSip Technology to provide a top-knotch drinking experience." 


"If you're water particular (like I am) then it's worth splurging on Livana's Smart Beauty SilkSip Hydration Bottle."

"Patent-pending, sustainable technology which reduces waste and pollution through the manufacturing processes and recyclable green packaging.


  • Shani Darden  
  • SilkSip
  • PerfectTemp

"Sooo CHIC! No More Plastic! 

Keeps my makeup cool inside.



  • Elle Leary
  • SilkSip
  • PerfectTemp

"I really love their message of luxury beauty tech accessories and partnering it with sustainability and responsible manufacturing."

  • Rachel Anise
  • Review  

"PerfectTemp Technology activates when necessary and turns off when you don't need it. Fits a good amount of makeup." 

  • Mandy Gragg  
  • Review  

"360 pop-up lid is GAME CHANGING for fast paced workouts."

  • Christa B. Allen
  • Review 

"This reusable bottle from Livana has a really beautiful leather strap." 

  • Cheryl Burke
  • Review