"Make sure your makeup isn't ravaged by heat or sunlight. Large enough for your day-to-day cosmetic needs and compact enough to fit in your purse, beach bag or suitcase. The case remarkably recharges on its own without any need for batteries."

"This bag keeps your beauty products in 

top-notch shape by keeping them in a temperature-controlled environment.  Pretty cool, right?"

"Our favorite new accessories that are perfect for any kind of trip." 


"I'm all about "fresh" innovations like Livana's temperature-controlled cosmetic cases that keep my beauty stash bacteria-free."


"Consumers today are investing in $10 to $500 worth of products, and no one wants their investments to go down the drain."

"Treat a frequent jet-setting traveler to this multi-functional cosmetic bag to ensure makeup products inside of it don’t melt."

Martha Stewart "Eliminates that stainless steel aftertaste thanks to its unique SilkSip finish."


"The travel-friendly bag. Livana is a cosmetic case of wanderlust." 


"Powered by renewable energy, this hand-crafted case self-regulates its temperature to protect makeup from the heat. No more melted lipstick on vacation!"

"Reusable, triple insulated stainless steel bottle with innovative SilkSip Technology  that prevents any stainless aftertaste." 


"This leather traveling case uses renewable energy (no batteries) to keep your products safe and at a stable temperature during your journey.." 


"Livana’s 360-degree pop-to-sip lid is one of a kind and makes for easy drinking. The first stainless bottle to be made without a process that heavily pollutes water."

"The protective bags not only resemble designer products but help cosmetics from being ruined and wasted." 

"The HydraGlow water bottle combines a luxe design and SilkSip Technology to provide a top-knotch drinking experience." 


"If you're water particular (like I am) then it's worth splurging on Livana's Smart Beauty SilkSip Hydration Bottle."

"Patent-pending, sustainable technology which reduces waste and pollution through the manufacturing processes and recyclable green packaging.

"The Science of Beauty. Livana's signature PerfectTemp Technology - a built-in thermal management system to protect makeup from heat.

"The fashion driven Livana SilkSip Hydration bottle "HydraGlow" for $100."



  • Shani Darden  
  • SilkSip
  • PerfectTemp

"Sooo CHIC! No More Plastic! 

Keeps my makeup cool inside.



  • Elle Leary
  • SilkSip
  • PerfectTemp

"I really love their message of luxury beauty tech accessories and partnering it with sustainability and responsible manufacturing."

  • Rachel Anise
  • Review  

"PerfectTemp Technology activates when necessary and turns off when you don't need it. Fits a good amount of makeup." 

  • Mandy Gragg  
  • Review  

"360 pop-up lid is GAME CHANGING for fast paced workouts."

  • Christa B. Allen
  • Review 

"This reusable bottle from Livana has a really beautiful leather strap." 

  • Cheryl Burke
  • Review